“Meetings and Minutes”

Face to face meeting were suspended from March 2020, with committee members meeting via Zoom or within COVID restrictions at the time.  ‘Normal meetings’ resumed in February 2022 but then changed to quarterly.  

Magor minutes 16th March 2023

Magor minutes 8th December 2022

Magor minutes 8th September 2022

Magor minutes 19th May 2022

Magor AGM minutes February 2022

Magor minutes 13th February 2020

Magor minutes 16th January 2020

Magor minutes 19th December 2019

Magor minutes 21st November 2019

Magor minutes 17th October 2019

Magor minutes 19th September 2019

Magor AGM minutes July 25th 2019

Magor minutes 27th June 2019

Magor minutes 23rd May 2019

Magor minutes 18th April 2019

Magor minutes 21st March 2019

Magor minutes 21st February 2019

Magor minutes 17th January 2019

No meeting held in December 2018

Magor minutes 15th November 2018

Magor minutes 18th October 2018

N.B. The September meeting was replaced by the Publicity Event

Magor minutes 14th August 2018

Magor minutes 19th July 2018

Magor AGM 19th July 2018

Magor minutes 21st June 2018

Magor minutes 18th May 2018

Magor minutes 19th April 2018

Magor minutes 15th March 2018

Magor minutes 15th February 2018

Magor minutes 18th January 2018

Magor minutes 14th December 2017

Magor minutes 22nd November 2017

Magor minutes 19th October 2017

Magor minutes 21st September 2017

Magor minutes 17th August 2017

Magor minutes 13th July 2017

Magor minutes 15th June 2017

Magor minutes 18th May 2017

Magor minutes 20th April 2017

Magor minutes 16th March 2017

Magor minutes 16th February 2017

Magor minutes 19th January 2017

Magor minutes 15th December 2016

Magor minutes 17th November 2016

MAGOR minutes 20th October

MAGOR meeting 15th September 2016 –  cancelled (not quorate)

MAGOR minutes 25th August 2016

MAGOR minutes 21st July (AGM)

MAGOR Minutes 16th June 2016

MAGOR Minutes 19th May 2016

MAGOR Minutes 21 April 2016

MAGOR meeting 17th March 2016

MAGOR meeting 18th February 2016 – cancelled (not quorate)

MAGOR Minutes 21 January 2016_amended

MAGOR Minutes 17 December 2015_a

MAGOR Minutes 19 November 2015_V2

MAGOR Minutes 15th October 2015_a

MAGOR Minutes 17th September 2015

MAGOR Minutes 13th August 2015

MAGOR Minutes 16th July 2015 – AGM

MAGOR Minutes 18th June 2015

MAGOR Minutes 21st May 2015

MAGOR Minutes 16th April 2015

Magor Minutes 12th March 2015

MAGOR Minutes 12th February 2015 

MAGOR Minutes 15th January 2015

MAGOR Minutes 11th December 2014

MAGOR November 2014_fin

Magor Committee Meeting 16 10 2014

Magor Committee Meeting 16th September 2014

Magor Committee Meeting 14th August 2014

MAGOR July 2014 AGM_pdf

MAGOR meeting minutes June 2014

MAGOR meeting minutes May 2014 – meeting cancelled

MAGOR meeting minutes April 2014

MAGOR Committee Meeting 20th March 2014

MAGOR Committee 20th February 2014

Magor Committee Minutes 23 01 2014

Magor Committee Minutes 19 12 2013amended2

Magor Committee Meeting Minutes 21 11 2013pdf

Magor Meeting 23rd October 2013pdf

Magor Meeting 26th September 2013 pdf

Magor Meeting 20th August 2013

Magor Meeting 23rd July 2013   (“What If?” paper – Magor Station What If final)

Magor Meeting 4th June 2013_corrected

Magor Meeting 30th April 2013

Magor Meeting 3rd April 2013

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