The following documents have been archived by the MAGOR group in support of the case to re-open a station to serve Magor and Undy.

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  1. James Rawnsley says:

    I think there is even more need for this station following the announcement that Stagecoach are withdrawing their services from the area.

    • Paul Turner says:

      Thanks James.

      We totally agree. We need a station within walking/cycling distance of the homes of the bulk of the population of Magor and Undy to allow people to travel in either direction. If it was also served by the Metro trains, as being planned by Welsh Government, then it would be even better.

      In the short term lets hope the bus services are re-instated!

  2. Mr Lyne says:

    This MAGOR plan is a good idea which obviously benefits the local (Magor/Undy) population. However, I think that ALL effort in the Severnside area should be to put pressure on the upgrade of STJ to a full parkway with M48 link, as this benefits not only Magor/Undy from an M48 link being a traffic bypass, but everyone in Monmouthshire as links to STJ are made much easier as a commuter station. While I realise from these documents that the Magor station proposal is recognised as only being possible with the STJ upgrade, the STJ upgrade must come first. Sadly there is no way that this will happen by 2018 (it’s been over 2 years that the footbridge was due to be imminently replaced at STJ, and still it hasn’t been done!!)

  3. Paul Turner says:

    Thanks for your support Mr Lynne.

    We agree that the time being taken to make even the seemingly easy improvements at STJ is totally unacceptable.

    You are correct, we are reliant on and fully supportive of the upgrading of STJ to a full ‘parkway’. However what many people are unaware of, and surveys have shown this, is that the bulk of the users of STJ are from Magor and Undy. These people shouldn’t really need to get in a car at all to make their train journeys. Also there is another large group of Magor and Undy people who use their car to make westward journeys because it makes no sense at all to them drive east to get on a train.

    We will keep on pushing on both fronts (a ‘parkway’ at STJ and a ‘walkway’ at Magor/Undy)!

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