Who are we?

  • The group was formed in 2012.
  • We now have around 220 members that includes, business owners, local politicians and of course numerous residents of Magor and Undy
  • The committee was formally established on 4th July 2013 and now (as of July 2019) comprises –

Laurence Hando (Chairman) – magorstation@gmail.com 

Julie Wilson (Treasurer) – jrceb315@yahoo.co.uk

Dawn Turner (Secretary) – dawnturner3ht@gmail.com

Paul Turner (Membership and Communications) – turnerp3nh@gmail.com

Ted Hand – fpfted@gxn.co.uk

Peter Wilson – peter.wilson78@virgin.net

Cllr. Geoff Cook – geoffc23@icloud.com

Cllr. John Crook – crooklandsfji@hotmail.com

Cllr. Lisa Dymock – lisadymock@monmouthshire.gov.uk

Our mission

  • We aspire to open a gateway to the National Rail Network

Our objective

  • To re-open a railway station to serve the community of Magor and Undy

Our target

  • To open St David’s Day 2018 (now revised to 2021)

Unique selling point

  • The station could be easily accessed by almost the entire 7000 population of the villages by foot or bicycle in less than 15 minutes

    Approaching potential Magor & Undy Walkway

    Approaching potential Magor & Undy Walkway

Our mission and plan – MAGOR Plan 2013 Update june13_pt

 Frances, Laurence and Jessica (courtesy - South Wales Argus)

Frances, Laurence and Jessica
(courtesy – South Wales Argus)


9 Responses to Who are we?

  1. Elaine Heard says:

    I would like to give my support to the Magor Action group on rail. I realise that it is late in the day but if there is anything i can do to help please let me know.

    • Neil W says:

      I’d like to show my support for the MAGOR RAIL group, if only to help alleviate problems at Severn Tunnel Junction station! It is becoming increasing dangerous for pedestrians to use, as I have been hit by vehicles twice and witnessed someone today being hit by a vehicle. The problem is poor pedestrian access and reckless – no, dangerous – drivers who drive with no consideration for injury that they may cause to pedestrians. As such, it’s time to get those drivers out of those cars and get them walking with the rest of us.

      • Paul Turner says:

        Many thanks for you support Neil. You are absolutely right about the poor access and dangerous driving at STJ. I have witnessed similar myself.
        We have and will continue to raise this with the various groups that we liaise with (e.g. Arriva Trains Wales, Network Rail, etc) in connection with our planned station as improvements at STJ underpin making Magor a successful ‘Walkway’. In the meantime, I suggest you write to the above (and perhaps Monmouthshire County Council Highways) and tell them what you have witnessed.

  2. Kim Western says:

    Before I pledge will this end up the same as the supposed community centre that was going to be built for the people of Undy/Magor. That seemed to have disappeared of the radar…. or better still find out where the money went from that and use that?

    (as taken from MUSLA website)
    Section 106 Planning Fund of circa £250,000 has been earmarked by Monmouthshire County Council, further monies may become available following proposed expansion 0f housing in Undy.
    Community Council Funding of £400,000 has been approved from One Voice Wales/ Welsh Assembly Government.
    Community Economic Development Council Funding for specific projects such as the Orchard in the region of £60,000.

    Or was all the money spent on the car park.

    Sorry please don’t think I am having a dig at you, I totally agree with what you guys are doing. Having use to be a commuter, there were plenty of times I had to walk from Severn Tunnel to Undy due to no buses etc.

    • Paul Turner says:

      Many thanks for taking the trouble to comment Kim and you ask a good question!

      First of all can I say that what the MAGOR group is doing, in raising money for the feasibility study, is extremely ambitious and there is no absolute certainty that the station will be built even if we raise sufficient funds and the study is favourable. However, the work we have done to date has resulted in the proposal now being documented in Welsh Government and County Council transport plans and the rail industry is fully aware of the proposition. These were big steps forward! If we can get the feasibility underway sooner rather than later and with the clear and strong support of the local community there is a much better chance that the plan for a station will come to fruition than without. So it is important that people pledge (and remember the money is only collected if we reach the target of £20,000) because in the end the number of pledges may be as or more important than the money pledged.

      With regard to the money spent by MUSLA on the community centre site, the question is better asked of them or the Community Council. I do know that MUSLA worked extremely hard over a number of years to try and develop the site with a community centre. You are right, there was considerable public funds allocated from Monmouthshire County Council (MCC) and other public bodies. As I understand it, the money was used for the first phase of the project. This was to provide drainage to the grounds, build the car park and put a bridge across the reen. Despite a couple of strong bids to the Big Lottery Fund, MUSLA was unable to secure the funding which would have seen the community centre built.

      I do know that MCC is now looking at how the site can be further developed for the benefit of the community. It is currently talking to various parties, including MAGOR, as we believe that the lower part of the site is logistically the best place for a station and, if built, could possibly share some of the community centre facilities (e.g. toilets). Ultimately though the feasibility study will determine the best place for the station.

      Thanks again for your comment and general support. Hopefully you will be somewhat reassured and feel that you can make a pledge.


  3. Roger Fielding says:

    I respond to your leaflet Crowdfunder Appeal with some confusion as I understood that the proposal to develop Severn Tunnel Junction into a Parkway Station had already been passed with the intention to service the Caldicot District including Magor.
    If part of this plan is to close Caldicot Halt incorporating it into the New Severn Tunnel Junction Parkway, then a Station at Magor which is a maximum of one mile down the track away from STJ seems unlikely to get approval.

    I am aware and understand the potential road danger for both pedestrians and cyclists travelling to and from STJ and therefore feel the implementation of a safe user friendly route from Magor to STJ will encourage train usage.

    The old Marshalling yards of Severn Tunnel Junction are still visible and could accommodate the direct and safe route to and from STJ for the people of Magor.


    • Paul Turner says:

      Thanks for your comments Roger. Hopefully the following will help to clarify for you.

      Developing STJ as a Transport Hub with enlarged car parking facilities has been an aspiration since 2006. The original intention was to do this in conjunction with the remodelling and resignalling that brought back into use the new Bristol platform. In the event land ownership problems in the original scheme put the proposals on hold. The aspirations for improved road access and a significantly enlarged car park and station facilities remain. The enlarged car park at the Junction allows those who want or need to use the car to access the railway to do so. This helps the Walkway principle for Magor and Undy and similarly reduces the parking pressure on Caldicot. There were and are no active proposals to close Caldicot Station. The initial high level business case for Magor and Undy showed a better Benefit / Cost Ratio than any of the recently opened or existing station proposals being developed in South East Wales and this is despite the proximity of Severn Tunnel Junction Station.

  4. Steve Griffiths says:

    This group is so important and campaigning efforts are magnificent. The work that has gone in to this campaign is astounding. I am in awe and want to get involved!

    I would love to get involved in this group and look to attend the next meeting if possible?

    Best wishes

    Resident of Undy
    Prospective Labour Councillor Candidate for The Elms Ward, Undy.

    • Paul Turner says:

      Thanks Steve for your kind words.

      Please do get involved. We are not political in any way and are happy to have support from wherever we can get it – which has proved successful so far!

      Meetings are usually the third Thursday of the month, in the function room of the Golden Lion (check the website’s ticker-tape or meetings page for confirmation) – we’d love to see you.


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