First among equals . . .

As we continue to press Welsh Government that Magor and Undy Walkway station should be the ‘First Among Equals’ (first of the 6 new stations planned for the South Wales mainline corridor), we were very pleased to hear that RailFuture had commended MAGOR in its Best Campaign and Best Website categories at its annual awards meeting.  A super accolade and recognition for the hard work of the MAGOR team over the last ten years!

As a result of the local council elections in May, on the 17th June, Ted Hand and I met the new cabinet member for Climate Change and the Environment. Dr. Catrin Maby OBE, who will also lead the Strategic Transport Group was totally supportive of our campaign.    As a specialist in engineering science and an advocate of reducing energy demand and carbon emissions she understood why the Magor & Undy Walkway makes perfect sense.  We look forward to working with Catrin to bring Magor & Undy Walkway into being sooner rather than later.

You will recall that we gathered 250 signatures at the May Fayre, for ‘Magor’ to be submitted to the Senedd as a proposed ‘quick win’ for the Burns Delivery programme. We supplemented those signatures with the Senedd’s online petition where we gathered another 297.  The petition is now awaiting consideration by the Senedd’s committee.  Getting this endorsement gave us cause to consider the ‘next steps’ at a meeting with John Griffiths SM and Jessica Morden MP on 8th July.  We thank both of these politicians who are doing all they can at a regional and national level to keep this project moving.

Finally, for those who doubt projects like ‘The Station’ and ‘The Hub’ will ever happen.  I am very pleased to say that our ‘sister project’, The Magor and Undy Community Hub (MUCH), now has full approval and building will commence in September. Click here to view further details.  I’m sure ‘The station’ will be close on its heels!


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