2024 – Let’s get Magor & Undy Walkway done . . .

. . . .Happy New Year everyone!

MAGOR group met earlier this month to ratify its response to Transport for Wales (TfW) on its ‘Vision Consultation’, reported last month.  Laurence Hando, the group’s chairman submitted our final, considered response on  the 11th January.  

We thank everyone who have supported MAGOR’s aims over the years and particularly those of you have submitted your own views to TfW.  As we know, Magor and Undy Walkway station has become a pressing need following the cancellation of the M4 relief road and the Climate Emergency.  We are very close to achieving our aims but are concerned that the whole ‘Vision’ scheme, which includes ‘Magor’, will be too expensive and only deliverable in the longer term.  We are also perplexed as to why the opportunity to build ‘Magor’ as a ‘quick win’ (which is entirely possible) is being dismissed, simply because it has to be part of the ‘grand plan’.

We need to get TfW to change its approach!  You can help us do this by writing to people who can influence them. For example, your MP Jessica Morden, your Senedd Member John Griffiths, Catrin Maby MCCs Climate Change and Environment cabinet member, Lee Waters Deputy Minister for Climate Change or even the First Minister, Mark Drakeford himself.  

We’ve brought it this far, now let’s get it done!


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