Our Crowdfunder appeal ended some time ago. However we are still hoping that people can help build our fighting fund.

If you feel you are able to help, you can donate in the following ways –

  • Cheque (payable to MAGOR)
  • Cash or postal order
  • BACS payment

If you require any further information or would like to make a donation please contact our Treasurer Julie Wilson on 01633 882772 or 07790 842 097

The following people have helped in this way –

~ Mr Dave Wright     –     Pledge £20

~ Mr McDerrmot       –     Pledge / Donation £20

~ Mr Roy Francis       –    Pledge / Donation £40

~ Mr Will Bishop        –    Pledge / Donation £10

~ Mr Nick Bradshaw –    Pledge £250

 Donations were also received via Donnie’s Cafe and Bistro

~ Mr JM & Mrs J Cooper – Cheque donation

~Mr T & TM Wivell – Cheque donation

~ Mr GS and Mrs NS Baicher – Cheque donation

~ MJ & Mrs AE Reddy – Cheque donation

~ R I & K A Ramsey – Cash donation

~ Mrs. White – Cash donation

Also, an amount of cash was given anonymously which brought the total collected at Donnie’s to £135


And many thanks for the financial and general support from – 

The Newport branch of the Rail Management & Transport union





2 Responses to Donations

  1. Helen Davies says:

    Was about to make a donation then realised if I did, most of it would be wasted on flipping fridge magnets!

    So think I will wait and see how it goes, suspect I am not the only person with similar thoughts !


    • Paul Turner says:

      Thanks Helen – good point! However, let me reassure you. The magnets were bought early on with our ‘setting up fund’ and we have been able to sell loads at a good profit. So they are now pretty much a ‘sunk cost’. We have enough to use the remainder as ‘rewards’ and at a £10 plus pledge we will still make a significant profit. But the main point here is that, in the end, the number of pledges may well be as important as the total amount pledged because it will show the authorities that we had great level of support. So I hope you reconsider and make a pledge. In any case thank you very much for your interest and taking time to comment.


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