As we leave January . . .

. . . .there are a few important points to report this month,  as we move forward in 2020 – just 8 years on from the start of the campaign!

  • In campaigns such as this it is important to have the backing of ‘big business.’ Last November, I reported that we had secured the backing of the Celtic Manor & ICC. In January, due to the great work of Ted Hand, we secured the support of our local big brewery, Budweiser Brewing Group (part of AbInBev).  Lloyd Manship, Brewery Manager, said he, “particularly liked the ‘Walk Up’ plans, the positive impact on the environment, whilst relieving pressures on the local highways.” MAGOR group is extremely grateful for the support of these two businesses.

  • We have had the support of our two local primary schools (Magor Church in Wales and Undy Primary) for many years – both continue to campaign for the station. Now, following discussions with the Headmaster, we are grateful to have the support of Rogiet Primary. The school suffers from the dangers and pollution from the high volume of traffic passing by the school, down Station Road.  Up to 30% of the vehicles are from Magor and Undy, so the children are keen to do their bit to improve their safety and the environment.

  • On the 20th of the month, Mike Griffiths, a reporter from ITV Wales, came out to Magor to interview and film for a story that he is working on. He hopes to include ‘Magor’ in a feature on the UK government’s ‘Williams Report’ which is imminent. This should be good publicity for our project.

  • On the day after, I attended a meeting organised by the Rail Section within Welsh Government. The meeting was to scope for future improvement work within the ‘Metro Enhancement Framework’.  As well as Welsh Government officials, there were representatives from Transport for Wales, Monmouthshire County Council and Cardif City Region Transport. I was the only ‘non-authority’ person invited, which we thought was somewhat unique but just may have been simply recognition and reward for the determination and hard work of the MAGOR group over the years. The meeting was constructive and collaborative, and I think I now understand why I, representing MAGOR, was involved. The top of the list of ‘rail corridors’ for improvement is the Newport to Chepstow main line.  This is because of a number of factors along the line, including; large scale commercial and housing developments and prohibitive public transport access to main health services and centres of further education.  Magor and Undy was a ‘hot spot’ in these terms and it was also recognised that the preparatory work (GRIP studies) and the ‘New Station’ funding applications made for ‘Magor Station’ should be considered in the evidence gathering. I see this as a very positive move and am pleased to be part of this group and its ongoing work

  • Finally, today (31st), Ted and I had a catch-up meeting with Jessica Morden MP at her Caldicot surgery.  Jessica is a staunch supporter of MAGOR’s campaign and, as you know if you have been following these posts, pushes for ‘Magor and Undy Walkway’ at every opportunity.  Today we discussed the recently announced ‘UK government’s £500m fund to reverse some of the Beeching cuts.  We agreed that ‘Magor’ should be a prime candidate for use of this fund and so we will pursue the matter with the Transport Secretary.  More on this next month.

  • Thank you for continuing to support us in this epic challenge. We do feel that a positive result is getting ever closer. Let’s hope 2020 is the year!



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