Spirits not dampened . . .

While Storm Dennis has been doing its worst, the MAGOR group has been gaining new (and renewed) support. 

              At a recent Rogiet Community Council meeting, Ian Yeowart, the MD of Grand Union Trains, gave a presentation on how their proposed new London Service, which would stop at Severn Tunnel Junction, could promote the resolution of some of the traffic and parking issues in the Rogiet community.  Ian accepted that a station in Magor would also help with this and would provide an efficient way for Magor and Undy people to use the proposed new service.  Ian will be attending a future MAGOR meeting to discuss further.

              As I have mentioned previously, Rogiet Community Council are now supportive of the Magor and Undy Walkway plans, so it was great to have one of its councillors, Jers Dyderski, attend and contribute at our February meeting. Jers said he would try and attend on a regular basis.

              Also, at our February meeting, were Professor Clive Stainton and Cllr. Peter Jinman who are spearheading the Pontrilas Parkway proposal. It helps both of our cases in being able to collaborate on a regular basis.

              Ted Hand has also gained the support of Andrew Hemmings BA(Hons) FCILT, secretary of the Rail Freight Forum.  Andrew is an expert on ‘matters rail’ but is also a ‘Friend of the Levels’ and recognises that the ‘Magor and Undy Walkway’ solution brings environmental benefits and could help boost tourism to the area. It is great to have Andrew’s assistance!

              In terms of ‘renewing support’, I recently met up again with Roger Goldsworthy, General Manager of our local ‘Ty Hotel’. Roger was instrumental in gaining the support and backing of the Celtic Manor Resort and ICC (of which the Ty Hotel is now part of) and gave assurances that he would continue to promote the Magor & Undy Walkway at every opportunity. Many thanks Roger!

              Finally, Ted and I met Jessica Morden MP at her recent Caldicot Surgery to discuss the  ‘Beeching Reversal Fund’, which was recently announced by the Prime Minister.  This fund is aimed at restoring some lines and stations that were closed in the 1960s.  We believe that ‘Magor’ is a prime candidate for this fund and so we decided that she would write to Grant Schapps, Transport Secretary and I would write also to ‘Boris’ as a ‘belt and braces’ approach.  You can see my letter here.

              So, whilst Storm Dennis may have faded away, the MAGOR group continues its ‘high pressure system’ in the belief that it will shift any barriers to ultimate success.

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