I don’t believe it . . .

Can it really be twelve months since I looked back on that ‘bitter-sweet year’ that caused pain and distress to many, along with the lockdowns and restrictions that slowed many projects?

Right now, it feels very much like more of the same.  Although thankfully, the latest variant of COVID appears to be less harmful and over the last 12 months MAGOR has continued to make progress, For example –

  • Early in the year it was confirmed that ‘Magor’ was in the Welsh Government’s plans as one of six new stations along the mainline corridor

  • Members of MAGOR group have continued to input to the Burns Delivery Group, via Monmouthshire County Council, pressing for an early delivery of ‘Magor & Undy Walkway station’

  • Our local politicians continue to press Welsh Government to recognise the importance of Magor and its capacity to help alleviate the impacts of climate change.  Jessica Morden MP again raised the matter in parliament, when highlighting the under-investment in rail infrastructure in Wales

So, it’s with continued optimism we look forward to 2022.  We have a meeting with Simon Gibson, chair of the Burns Delivery Group, in January and hope to see ‘Magor’ feature highly in its report, expected in the summer.

They say ‘patience is a virtue’.  After 10 years of campaigning, MAGOR must surely be one of the most virtuous of community pressure groups ever, but the dogged determination has only been possible because of the wonderful, sustained support given by the residents of Magor and Undy.

Best wishes for 2022


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