August reflection . . .

Quiet again this month, except . . .

I took part in a South Wales Transport Commission Stakeholders’ feedback session on the 10th.  The commission has published its ‘emerging conclusions‘ and ’emerging recommendations’ in advance of its final report expected at the end of the year.  The (virtual) session was led by Katie Allister and she presented a summary of the draft findings.   Attendees (including councillors and business representatives) gave their thoughts on the key points, as did I!  In short, I found the presentation to be very informative and thought that ‘Magor and Undy Walkway’ ‘ticked’ a lot of the boxes on the emerging points.  In particular, the ‘active travel’ considerations and the possibility of upgrading the ‘relief lines’, which would be beneficial to our station, but not essential to an early establishment of the ‘Walkway’.

On the Friday following the feedback session, we had one of our regular ‘Zoom Meetings’ with Jessica Morden MP, John Griffiths SM and Christian Schmidt (MCC).  We exchanged information gathered at recent events and agreed that Jessica and John’s office would produce a short video report at the Magor & Undy site in September. More on that next month.

Things are really starting to look very encouraging.

That’s it for this month.

Thanks for reading and enjoy what’s left of our summer!


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