End of October Update . . .

Just a few items to report this month –

  • Our October meeting mainly focused on reviewing our September publicity event but we also reviewed our 2018/19 plan and updated our milestone forecasts (last slide). Hopefully, if we secure additional funding from Welsh Government, we will still complete GRIP 3 by the Spring. 

  • We are still intending to get the book of competition winners completed by the end of the year.  In the meantime, the overall  winning entry, by Evelyn Rose Mattheuson, can be viewed here.  The runner-up entries will be uploaded onto the website soon (now uploaded – click here).

  • Last week Christian Schmidt and I gave an update on Magor and Undy Walkway to the Severn-side Area Committee. The committee, which comprises a panel of mainly County Councillors, oversees the various community projects being undertaken in the Severn-side area.  The committee congratulated the MAGOR group in bringing the project as far as it has, recognised the dedication shown by the team and wished them continuing success.


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