Another positive month….

Quite a few positive steps forward this month . . .

  • On the 9th October, Mark Reckless AM came down to Magor to meet Ted and me.  After giving him a progress update and enjoying a great cup of coffee in Grazia we showed him the site of the old Magor station and the planned location of the new station.  Mark has been supporting the MAGOR campaign for some time and has been doing much in background to help oil the wheels.  On returning to the Assembly he wrote a letter to the minister asking him to give further consideration to assisting with funding the GRIP 3 study

  • On the 12th October, Ted and I, along with Christian Schmidt (MCC), attended a meeting in Cardiff when Department for Transport (DfT) and Network Rail (NR) officials gave us feedback on our unsuccessful bid to the ‘New Station Fund’.  We were tremendously encouraged with the feedback received because of the clear support and advice that the people gave us to give our next bid a greater chance of success. Following the meeting I wrote to our supporting MP and Assembly Members summarising the content of the meeting.  You can read that letter here which will give you a sense of the positive feeling we gained.

  • On the 19th of the month the MAGOR group met and were very pleased and encouraged with the flavour of the DfT/NR meeting.  The group was less pleased with the fact that Magor and Undy Community Council hadn’t replied to our letter, which I published last month, asking for clarification on why the community council was unable to provide a grant this year.  Unfortunately, Councillor Plow, who was in attendance, was unable to give an explanation that satisfied the MAGOR committee and so he decided that he would resign from the group.  We have yet to receive a letter of reply but when we do it will be published. The group thanks Councilor Plow for his help over the last few years.

  •  On Wednesday this week, Christian Schmidt and I gave a verbal update at Monmouthshire County Council’s Strategic Transport Group meeting regarding the very helpful and positive discussions that we had on the 12th.  They fully endorsed progressing matters in the way advised and were also pleased that it was such a positive meeting.

  • Finally, click here for the latest on the Magor and Undy Community Hub

Ted and Mark Reckless AM

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