September update . . . .

Just a few things to update on this month, following September’s committee meeting –

  • In past years the Magor with Undy Community Council have supported the MAGOR group’s aims with a grant towards the admin costs of running the campaign but this year the community council decided not to provide any grant (because the group had “already received two amounts”).  This was disappointing, in what was seen to be a reversal in the support for the station and so the group has written to the council to better understand the reasons for the decision.  This seems similar to the council’s earlier decision not to be involved with the pursuit of a new community hub/centre for Magor and Undy.  You can read the letter to the council, which seeks further clarification and expresses its disappointment, by clicking here.

  • We now have a date, time and venue for a meeting with Department for Transport and Network Rail for the feedback on our unsuccessful application to the UK’s New Station Fund.  Ted Hand and I will meet the officials, along with MCC and Mott MacDonald on the 12th October in Cardiff, when it is hoped that we will receive some advice and pointers on how to improve our chances when we make a new bid.

  • It’s not long until Christmas and of course the preceding Frost Fayre.  We have been planning our stall and what we might do in terms of a fund-raising raffle.  We always do well in raising funds – thanks to your continued support – but it is always good to see our supporters face to face to get your views and opinions.  More news on the Frost Fayre next month but don’t forget the Magor Churchmen are always looking for new members – particularly people who would be active and have new ideas that would help to reinvigorate the fayre events. It would be a sad loss if ever we lost these twice-yearly gatherings.

  • Finally, progress is being made with the “Community Hub”. Check out the latest here.


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