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  1. AGM Summary – Laurence Hando our chairman gave a summary of progress through the year and mentioned;

    • the ‘passive provisioning’ of the mainline electrification project for a station at Magor and Undy

    • the large supportive followings we now have on Twitter and Facebook

    • the forward-looking Magor and Undy ‘Integrated Transport Report‘, produced by the UWE post-grad student, Chris Waller

    • our MP, Jessica Morden, asking questions in parliament on our behalf (e.g. about the UK government’s ‘New Station Fund’)

    • our input to various government rail and travel consultations and our membership of MCC’s Strategic Transport Group

    • the repeated showing of Magor, as a station, on the Welsh Government’s METRO map and plans

    • and of course the production, by Mott MacDonald, of the very favourable GRIP 1 and GRIP 2 reports into a station at Magor and Undy which sets the foundation for trying to complete the GRIP 3 study in the next 8 months.

A financial report was given which, in summary, said that we have £302 in our current account and £1758 in our savings account.  Joanna Coombes was re-appointed as our independent examiner of accounts.

The committee and officers were re-elected with an additional member, Murray Ross, being nominated and elected to the committee.  Lord Mike German was re-elected as the Group’s honorary president.

Three Fields Community Trust – Paul Turner, as MAGOR’s representative on the ‘The Trust‘ gave the background to our involvement and a progress update.

Mr Oscar Brown, Manager of The Golden Lion, asked if we would like to have a stall at a commercial event (in aid of St.David’s Hospice), organised by the Lion and being held in the square on 3rd September. This was agreed.

Thank you. The Chairman thanked everyone for their support through the year and looked forward to another successful year.

  • This month – Ted Hand and I will be drafting and submitting the application form for the ‘New Station Fund’ and also meeting David Rowlands (Assembly Member) who has expressed interest in our campaign

  • Coming months – As we now have the quotation for the GRIP 3 study (Option Selection) we and MCC will be liaising with various Welsh Government ministers and officials on how to progress this next stage. We thank Railfuture and Magor with Undy Community Council for agreeing to help fund this next stage.

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