Key messages from November 20th MAGOR meeting

Almost a full attendance at the latest meeting, which was good because there were a number of pieces of good news to share and there was some serious detailed planning of the next phase to do.

  • I reported to the team that I had attended (on behalf of MAGOR) a meeting with First Great Western and Severn Tunnel Action Group (STAG). This gave us the chance to formally ‘start the engagement’ with the principal Train Operating Company as required by the guidance for promoters and developers of new stations. The meeting was both informative and productive. Rob Mullen, First Great Western General Manager for the central region, invited us to input to the Timetable Planning meeting in new year.  This was another sign of progress and a step in the right direction for us.
  • Another piece of good news and a sign of progress was the fact that Welsh Government’s ‘Train Team’ have recently called on us to input to their plans in 2 ways; 1) to provide in writing the facts of our case and our general views and 2) to meet with us as a part of their intention to meet all of the rail groups.
  • In  terms of general planning we are now helping to shape Monmouthshire County Council’s ‘Stategic Transport Plan’ and also, via Councillors Taylor, Plow and Crook, inputting to the updating of our Community Council’s ‘Five Year Development Plan’. Of course we want Magor and Undy Walkway Station to figure highly in both of those documents
  • Finally Ted and I  reported the good progress with the development of our ‘Crowdfunder’ approach to raising a portion of the necessary funding needed for the feasibility study. We will be launching this early in the new year but more on this subject next month. In the meantime we are also exploring other options to help contribute to the cost of this critical piece of work.
  • And finally, finally we will have a stall at the Magor Frost Fayre in December (13th) so please come up and have a chat to get the latest news.




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