Keeping the pressure on . . .

 . . . to get Magor & Undy Walkway delivered as soon as possible, Ted Hand, Phil Inskip and others from the MAGOR group were involved with the following over the last month –

On the 5th – MAGOR took part, via Zoom, in GWR’s Local Transport Forum. It included discussions led by Rich Middleton, Wales Growth Manager, on improvement projects, timetables and long-term planning

On the 19th – Ted Hand, Phil Inskip and I met Nicole Sarra and others from Transport for Wales to be briefed on the forth-coming Public Consultation on the proposed new stations (including Magor&Undy) – more information can be found here where you can also ‘have your say’

On the 17th –  A meeting was held with Christian Schmidt MCC’s Transport Policy and Planning Manager, to prepare for the forth-coming meetings

On the 20th – Phil and Ted met Jessica Morden MP, John Griffiths MS  and  Catherine Fooks MCC Councillor and prospective Labour candidate for a new local constituency. With ever increasing pressures on the national transport budget, discussions were around a strategy with Labour for presenting  Magor & Undy Walkway Station as a quick win for the Burns Report. Actions from the meeting included –

  • Jessica would seek to get a meeting with Stephen Morgan, newly appointed Shadow Minister of State for Rail.

  • Jessica would establish whether Neil Priest (a supporter of the ‘Magor vision’) was still at the DfT and if so would try and arrange a meeting with MAGOR.

  • Jessica would seek a meeting with Professor Simon Gibson, Chair of the Burns Delivery Group.

  • John was planning to meet Lee Waters MS (deputy minister for climate change) in the next couple of weeks and would raise the matter with him.

Finally, and most importantly, you can see the plans for yourself about Magor and Undy Walkway Station by dropping into the TfW consultation event at ‘The Hub’ (Magor and Undy Community Centre, Main Rd Undy NP26 3GD) on 9th November, 12pm- 7pm.  This is your chance to show your support for our proposed new station and ask any questions you may have.


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