AGM cancellation and a quick update . . .

As you probably know, we usually hold our Annual General Meeting in the middle of July and give notice in June.  This year, with the COVID-19 social distancing restrictions, it is not possible to hold the meeting in July. Consequently, we have agreed to cancel this year’s meeting, with the existing officers and members of the committee continuing to hold office for 1 year, unless an ‘emergency general meeting’ is requested (via email to our chairman, Laurence Hando, at  In such an eventuality, we will do our best to arrange a meeting as soon as practicable, possibly over the internet, recognising any COVID constraints existing at the time.

Our routine, monthly, face to face meetings, to which all are welcome, will be reinstated as soon as conditions permit; with dates, times and location being posted on the website in due course.

Finally, and very quickly, I am pleased to report that the funding applications mentioned last month, have been made within the deadlines. You can view copies in the ‘Documents Section’ – they make interesting reading!  I’ll write more about that subject at the end of the month.

Many thanks. Keep safe!



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