Lockdown Update . . .

 Firstly, I hope you are well and that you’ve avoided this devastating and disruptive bug.

Apologies for not doing a ‘report’ last month but clearly progress has slowed as many of us have been ‘confined to barracks’ or ‘bunkered down’ as Ted puts it. Nevertheless, Jessica Morden MP has been following up with ministers concerning the timetable for getting a bid into the ‘New Station Fund’.  The good news is that, consequently, we have a ‘virtual meeting’ set up with Jessica, John Griffiths AM, Cllr. Frances Taylor and MCC’s transport officer early in May to discuss what we need to do to meet the requirements.

Also, helping us to keep the wheels turning, Railfuture have been in contact with us to confirm that the grant that was promised a few years back to complete GRIP 3, is still available and will be for the next three years.

So, that’s it for now. Hopefully, the lockdown restrictions will start to be lifted soon and that that we can ramp up progress again.  In the meantime, best wishes and stay safe!


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