Mid-summer progress update . . .

After the surprise but very welcome visit of Ken Skates, the Welsh Government Minister for Economy & Infrastructure, to Magor last month things have been a little quieter but …..

  • The Assembly Member for South East Wales, Mark Reckless, has asked the minister in a written question, for a statement on the prospects for a Magor & Undy railway station. The minister confirmed what he had told the MAGOR group, that “the work was on-going and and was an iterative process” and Magor had “scored well against the benefit to cost ratio criteria and would be taken forward in the next focused round of work”.

  • Since our meeting with the Minister, true to his word, his officials have recently been working with Monmouthshire County Council transport staff on tasks and detail needed to complete ‘GRIP 3’ (the feasibility stage that we partially completed last year). This is very encouraging news.

  • I mentioned last month that MCC were pursuing the acquisition of the small piece of land next to the 3 Field Site as an asset to support the development of the 3 Field Site and the Magor and Undy Walkway Station (as it had been identified as a vehicle ‘drop off’, disabled parking area and turning point in the GRIP 2 study).  Unfortunately, their bid to the vendor’s agent was not successful. The piece of ‘amenity’ land is not critical to the station but as no planning permission is associated with it, MCC will make further investigations as to its status and possible future.

  • Our June meeting concentrated on our plan for 2017/18 (which has also been agreed with MCC’s transport officer) which identifies our main objectives as completing ‘GRIP 3’ and ensuring people understand and fully buy-in to the ‘Walkway’ concept.  This is to make sure that people realise that it is centred on the ‘Active Travel’ concept of integration of all forms of transport including walking and cycling and to encourage sustainable travel.  With a station so close to our homes, the strap-line could be, “It’s not so far – forget the car!”

  • Finally, a reminder – Our annual general meeting is to be held on Thursday 13th July, 7.30pm, in the Golden Lion function room. Do come along – we would be pleased to see you and hear your views.


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