What a Month! Please read on for important updates . . .

  • Firstly, someone noticed that the small piece of overgrown land on the eastern end of the Three Field Site, after all efforts by MAGOR, MCC and Mott Macdonald failed to identify an owner, had suddenly and unexpectedly been put up for sale.  The area has been identified in the GRIP 2 study as being essential for the proposed station as a ‘drop-off’ and ‘pick-up’ point, as well as room for disabled parking.  The facility could also be used as an additional access point to the proposed community centre. Consequently, MAGOR group are now working closely with MCC senior officers and councillors to use the opportunity to acquire the site.

  • A few days ago, Ted and I were again invited in to meet Jessica Morden MP to brief her on what she knew had been a year of good progress for MAGOR and to ask if there was anything she or her colleague, Assembly Member John Griffiths, could do before the general election. It was a good meeting and Jessica agreed that John could ask the Welsh Government minister, Ken Skates, on the current status of ‘Magor and Undy Walkway Station’.  Jessica promised to visit us on our stall at Magor’s May Fayre so we left thanking her for her on-going and unwavering support and wished her well in the forthcoming election.  So far so good!

  • On Thursday last the BBC carried a report that Ken Skates, the minister for infrastructure and the economy, had issued a shortlist of about a dozen proposed new stations that would be given priority for taking forward for ‘stage 2 assessment’ to look at their financial, economic and deliverability.  Magor and Undy IS NOT ON THAT LIST!  Initially, we felt shocked and disappointed but then realised that Magor, having already gone through those stages (as part of the GRIP process) and clearly shown its potential in terms of deliverability and its ‘high benefits cost ratio’, may be the reason for it not being on the list.  Nevertheless, MAGOR and MCC are now actively seeking clarification from Welsh Government by all means at our disposal.  So, no need to get despondent right now – we just ‘treat it as an opportunity’ as they say.  We will update you as soon as we know what’s what!

  • I mentioned the May Fayre – please visit our stall, we have organised some really nice ‘lucky-dip’ prizes and have some ‘freebies’ for the children.  And, of course, we will be happy to have a chat with you to give you the latest news on the above.

  • Finally, as you know, the county and community council elections are happening on Thursday next week.  Both bodies are very supportive of our campaign.  There are some new faces standing for our community council worthy of consideration but the important thing is – please use your vote!


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