Three major steps forward and a bit more . . .

  1. Following our meeting with David Rowlands (Assembly Member) in October, earlier this month David kindly questioned the Cabinet Minister for Economy and Infrastructure, Ken Skates, on our behalf. He asked the minister if he was aware of the good progress MAGOR was making with the plan to re-open a station and if he was aware that we are now planning to commence the GRIP 3 stage (“Option Selection”).  As a third question, he asked the minister if Welsh Government could contribute financially to this stage (as it did with GRIP stages 1 and 2).  The feed-back from David was very positive, he indicated that the minister was aware of and supportive of our project.  The minister asked for further details of GRIP 3 (which we supplied) and we now await the minister’s further consideration.

  2. In a similar vein, the leader of Monmouthshire County Council, Peter Fox, recently wrote to the minister highlighting the project.  As a result of Peter’s letter and David Roland’s intervention, Ted and I were invited to meet with the minister’s rail officials.  The meeting with Nathan Barnhouse (Rail Programme Director), Alison Thomas (Regional Transport Manager) and Mathew Nobbs, took place on the 11th November.  Ted and I gave a presentation which was well received.  We were able to answer their questions and received a number of points of advice and guidance which we are now following up on.

  3. I mentioned last month that we were intending to submit an application to the UK government’s ‘New Station Fund’.  I am pleased to report that, working with Christian Schmidt (MCC’s Transport Planning & Policy Officer), MAGOR and MCC yesterday jointly submitted our application to the Network Rail sponsor.  Ideally, applications should be at GRIP 3 stage but they now accept them at the GRIP 2 stage which means some of the information ideally needed will become available later.  However, we believe our application form, with its preliminary and provisional information, makes a very strong case. You can read our application by clicking here.  It’s well worth a read.

And finally, I attended, on behalf of the MAGOR group, an event run by Cardiff University called ‘What the Metro Might Do’.  It was a worthwhile event that gave a full insight into the benefits the METRO concept could bring to South Wales and a chance to discuss with others MAGOR’s aims.  We very much hope Magor and Undy will be an early part of the METRO when it comes into being.

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3 Responses to Three major steps forward and a bit more . . .

  1. John O'Shaughnessy says:

    Paul, congratulations and well done!
    Your dedication, determination and
    commitment for this project is now
    (forgive the pun) on a platform that is
    seeing light at the end of a tunnel that will
    provide access to train services in Magor
    and Undy.
    Well done to you and the team supporting

  2. Paul Stafford says:

    This is very positive news. The economic re-generation of South-East Wales depends critically on the improvement of transport links with Bristol and the Avon area. The South Wales Metro scheme includes a station at Magor, but the eastern section of the SWM system apparently ends at Chepstow. Will it be possible to provide regular services from Magor to Bristol Temple Meads? That would greatly boost the use of the station for people wishing to commute to work in central Bristol or to visit central Bristol to shop there. The SWM system needs to consider the dimension of regular, fast and cheap communication from points east of Cardiff to central Bristol.

    • Paul Turner says:

      It is good news and we are pleased that we have made such progress but its not in the bag yet! The METRO is a concept of an integrated transport system, radiating out from Cardiff, made up of heavy rail, light rail (e.g. tram trains) and rapid transit bus services. We are pleased that Magor is shown as a possible station on one of the maps and mentioned in ‘phase 3’ but we are arguing that Magor and Undy ‘Walkway’ stands up in its own right (with a strong business case) for early delivery and would eventually become part of the METRO. We are planning on 2 trains per hour in each direction which would certainly help the ‘commuters’ but it is likely that Severn Tunnel Junction would still provide a better service. We want the 2 stations to complement each other.

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