MAGOR – Mid-summer update and how you can help solve a mystery!

Well here we are half-way through the calander year and again some more good news and special items to report from our June meeting –

  • The post-GRIP reports meeting with Mott MacDonald, Network Rail and Monmouthshire County Council had gone very well and we have now formally requested Mott MacDonald to provide us with a cost quotation to carry out the GRIP 3 study.  This is the next stage in ‘Feasibility’ where the platform location options are narrowed down to a best ‘single option’ which meets stakeholder requirements and ensures the station could be economically delivered. We hope to complete this stage within this financial year and also initiate the next.

  • So far we have not had to call on any local funding to complete the first 2 GRIP stages but we are aware that the GRIP 3 stage may be more expensive than the first 2.  Consequently we will need to keep our options open.  In addition to the ‘match funding’ offered by Railfuture (mentioned last month) we will ask MCC if they can underwrite the bulk of the cost of  GRIP 3 (as they did for GRIP1/2) and ask Magor with Undy Community Council if they could consider increasing the amount they have ring-fenced (currently £5k) but we are hoping that Welsh Government may, subject to their METRO plans, provide full funding (as they did for GRIP 1 and 2).

  • Last month Ted Hand reported that Chris Waller, a Masters student at University of the West of England, had presented his 6 week study of the MAGOR ‘Walkway Station” plans to our committee.  The report, entitled “Magor Station – Integrated Transport Report”, is an excellent, wide ranging study that brings many threads together and will help inform the GRIP 3 stage.  The report is the view of the author and not necessarily those of the MAGOR group.  You can read it by clicking here.

  • You may recall that back in March I reported that the 3 Fields Community Trust (in which MAGOR has representation) had launched a survey that requested views from Magor and Undy residents about the much needed community centre. The survey also asked some questions of the residents about their current train use and what it might be if there were a local station, near the 3 Fields Site, serving Magor and Undy.  We have now had access to the ‘train results’ and consequently a short report has been produced.  It makes for interesting reading – you can view it by clicking here.

  • Now, perhaps you can help us solve a mystery!  There are 2 small pieces land, tri-angular shaped, adjoining the 3 Field Site, to the East, which we need to try and establish the ownership of. You can see the ground, outlined in orange and red, on page 9 of the GRIP 2 report.  The land is now very over-grown but I seem to remember that when I was a boy there was an old brown and cream railway coach (minus the wheels) parked on it and it was occupied as a dwelling.  If you have any knowledge that might throw some light on the current ownership please can you drop me a line on

  • Finally, please don’t forget it’s our Annual General Meeting in July (21st). Please come along to the Golden Lion Function room for 7.30pm and take part. We’d love to see you! If you would like to propose a new member to the committee, please contact our chairman, Laurence Hando on, by 7th July.  Thank you


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