Great week for the campaign . . . !

What an excellent week!

Firstly we have been given the opportunity by First Great Western to apply for project funding from their ‘Customer and Communities Fund’.  An application to help fund our GRIP study (which we now know will cost between £25k and £30k) will be in the post to them early next week!

Secondly Peter Wilson and I met Kellie Beirne (Mon County Council’s Chief Officer for Regeneration and Culture) on Tuesday. Kellie has been backing our campaign and has offered a venue and practical support for running our ‘Promotional Event’, at which we hope to get more big business and organisation engagement.  We will be putting the detail together on this over the next couple of weeks.

Finally, I attended Monmouth County Council’s full meeting yesterday where I saw pupils (Owen, Tom and Mia) from Magor Church in Wales Primary School present their case for a station for Magor with Undy.  They gave the council compelling reasons and also answered questions from the floor.  Then they were interviewed by a reporter from the Monmouthshire Beacon.  Their performance was truly inspirational! 

You should be able to see them in action on this YouTube link –


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