Mystery of missing banner explained. . .

Thanks to the help of our PCSOs (Ruth and Hayley) and our Community Council Clerk (Bev) the case of the missing banner has been solved!

 As you know it had been displayed on the fence at the bottom of dancing hill.  It had been damage free up until last Tuesday when it suddenly disappeared.

It turns out that Monmouthshire County Council, which is supportive of our campaign, had ripped it down and put it in the skip at their Crick depot.  Apparently it wasn’t authorised and therefore classed as ‘fly posting’ and consequently ‘removed’.  Why the county council couldn’t have just told us that we needed permission and give us a chance to remove it, I don’t know.

Anyway, it’s been retrieved.  All I have to do now is repair the damage to the eyelets and apply for permission to display it somewhere new.  Any suggestions?



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