Lord German agrees to become honorary president of MAGOR

Summary of  Latest Meeting (20th March 2014)

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  • The great news of the evening, was that Lord Mike German (OBE) has kindly agreed to become honorary president of the Magor Action Group on Rail.  Mike did a great job chairing our ‘launch’ meeting back in March 2013 so it is with immense pleasure and appreciation that we welcome him into the Group.
  • It was also with great pleasure that we welcomed John Pocket (First Great Western) as our guest for the evening. It was very helpful to get John’s personal views on the challenges that face us – particularly around the mainline electrification project. He also advised who within FGW we should engage with. Notwithstanding some of the uncertainties surrounding the Welsh Government’s current transport plans, John thought our 2018 target date was still a good date to aim for. Many thanks for taking the time John.
  • The Group thanked Phil Inskip for submitting his paper, ‘Magor and Undy Walkway – Outline’, to Railfuture (MAGOR is now an affiliated member) as one of the key campaigns in Wales. You can read the paper here – TR765 Magor & Undy Walkway – final_PI
  • A significant part of the evening was taken up with finalising our plan for 2014/15. The plan contains the ‘outcomes’ we would like to see by the April 2015 and what our ‘target milestones’ are during the year. It is an ambitious plan but if you don’t try hard . . . . You can see the plan summary here –  Planning250214v6a  now updated (Nov. 2014)
  • Good progress is being made by the Magor and Undy schools with the competition to fridgemagnet smallname the driver and engine characters in our Fridge Magnet. An announcement will be made here soon.
  • We hope to have a presence at the Magor May Fayre this year. Hopefully see you there!


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