Latest meeting – summary

The group met again on Monday 20th August and although committee membership attendance was down a bit due to the holiday season, two general group members also attended and fed in their views.

Our focus this meeting was on fund raising and publicity.

Whilst our website is now up and running and the MAGOR campaign is also mentioned on WIKIPEDIA (, we need to continue to raise our profile.  It was agreed that we would get publicity leaflets prepared to circulate around the villages and that we would also try to get a stall at this year’s Frost Fayre – when we could further gain peoples’ views.  We also agreed that we try to get the bigger businesses in and around Magor to sponsor our cause.

We now recognise that fund raising is going to be critical to the success of the campaign. We will probably need to raise between £20,000 to £40,000 to get the initial studies completed.  That sounds a lot but once we start to get our own funds together there is greater possibility of getting grants and financing from other sources as they know we mean business.  We have dismissed the idea of becoming a charity at this point in time but may consider it again at a later date.  So, we will be pushing hard for funding from here on as our bank account opens in the next week or two!

The group also discussed the recent proposal to build a major new airport between Goldcliff and Whitson (just 4 miles away from us) to serve South Wales and the South West of England.  Clearly there would be many pros and cons with such a scheme. We agreed that the group needs to have a single view on it and will discuss it again next time. What’s your view?


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